We love energy


and that is why we work hard each day to improve our customers energy systems.

An entrepreneurial challenger in the power industry

Swede Energy is an entrepreneurial challenger in the energy industry. We are developing innovative offerings by combining technology and commercial creativity, always in line with our efforts to influence the Global Balance Sheet in a positive way.

Since our start in 1988, our consultants has helped power plant owners to maintain their facilities, increase production and introduce upgrades for wind turbines, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

Our History

Swede Energy, like many other Swedish companies in the energy industry, originated from ABB. Pär-Eric Lantz who founded the company was the preoject manager for the turbine section on ABB’s last generation of boiling water reactors, ie, the design that was used for Swedish Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 Nuclear Plant in the 70’s and 80’s.

Pär-Eric’s plant design philosophy in terms of cascading of demands from plant level down to component level are still the basis of our DNA as we develop and improve our customers’ power plants.

Since 1988, we have improved maintenance systems and systems in nuclear power plants, performed energy improvement project on buildings and different co-generation plants, designed Burundi’s first privately-owned hydro plants, and in recent years also developed wind farms with secured operation and maintenance strategies.

Operation and maintenance of wind turbines

Inclusion of Monsson Group in our offered services

On January 1, 2015 a merger between Monsson Nordic and Swede Energy Power Solutions AB was announced, with shared senior management ownership in the Nordic countries. This means that the Swede Energy and Monsson Group formalizes a partnership to offer the Nordic market high quality and cost effective services.

For our customers this presents a strong supplier of energy solutions in the Nordic market with benefits from Swede Energy’s innovative technical and commercial consultants and with Monsson Group technical knowledge and broad network of technology providers.

Monsson and Swede Energy delivers proven expertise, construction of electricity network and energy producing facilities as well as service and maintenance with high quality at a competitive price.


“Build the sustainable society by offering technical and commercially sound energy solutions that gives positive results on the Global Balance Sheet.”

Our Vision

“Trough servant leadership change people and nations; leading the world into a sustainable future and creating the sustainable society by offering services that give positive results on the Global Balance Sheet.

Our core values come from our vision and is something that permeates the daily work of Swede Energy and in our constant desire to build a sustainable society together with our customers:



Servant Leadership



Energy Environment Empowerment Swede Energy


”Swede Energy is an entrepreneurial challenger, to the power industry in the EMEA region, that provides innovative technical and commercial solutions, develops energy projects with focus on renewable energy in east Africa, where energy gives the highest impact.”

A company group with great ambition

From consulting to construction and maintenance services

Swede Energy is the majority owner of Monsson Nordic, a JV with Monsson Group formed to deliver services in installation, operation and maintenance for renewable energy power plants.Swede Energy’s consultants have expertise in improvement efforts to secure the availability and production while Monsson has delivered several production plants and has a skilled workforce of technicians.

Swede Energy is minority owner of Emon Electric, a company delivering turnkey substations, engineering and services ranging from low to high voltage.

Organization Monsson Swede Energy

Our commitment to Africa

Fighting poverty and leading the world into a sustainable future…

Swede Energy - KAGU 006 Hydro Plant Start Ceremony

Making a difference has always been central to Swede Energy and we have therefore committed ourselves to helping some of Africa’s poorest countries out of poverty by helping to develop their energy sector.

  • The main reason for poverty in Africa is the lack of energy, according to the World Bank.
  • Swede Energy has since 2008 adopted the world’s energy challenges and served some of Africa’s poorest countries in the development of their energy sectors.
  • In our latest project “Master Plan for Burundi Energy Sector in 2025” Swede Energy applies the same methodology as Pär-Eric, the company’s founder, applied when designing O3 and F3 nuclear power plant and also the same methodology as our consultants use daily working with our clients. Our assignment for Burundi is to develop a national master plan for the country to achieve its growth targets for the energy sector, as part of our assignment for the nation’s minister of energy and mines.
  • Swede Energy has developed Burundi’s first privately-owned hydroelectric power plant.
  • Swede Energy has assisted Burundi and the World Bank (IFC) by implementing a new statutory framework and regulations to allow private investment in the power sector and thus help the country’s growth out of poverty.

Swede Energy Quality and Environmental Management System

Swede Energy is working to constantly improve our work quality in order to deliver the best possible services and products to our customers while protecting the environment and our working environment. We are certified under ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. Besides this we work according to Swedish AFS 2001 to continuously improve the working environment for our employees, in order to have the best possible secure environment.

Environmental policy

This policy is aimed for the company’s employees and describes the company’s overall environmental program, who is responsible for what and what goals as a company we have with our environmental work. It shall be well-known in the organization and made available to the public upon request and via our website.

All employees should feel responsible for and have a preventive approach for environmental work and thereby to decrease pollution. Employees shall always be encouraged to find creative environmental solutions and shall, as far as possible, minimize the environmental impact in their assignments and projects.

The car is a common means of transport within the company. Therefore we prioritize actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using environmentally friendly cars, carpooling as much as possible and whenever possible choose environmentally friendly means of transport such as the train.

All purchases of products we do shall take the environment into consideration. Workplaces and premises shall be environmentally friendly and conserve energy and resources, both in the internal and external environment. Therefore we sort our waste and strive to always have a modern and energy efficient technology park.

Laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to the operations must be followed. The company have project activities in Africa with the aim to help them build and develop its energy supply with a focus on renewable energy. Thereby we also contributes to a positive environmental impact.