Renewable Energy Operation & Maintenance


We help our customers to improve production and project financials.

We operate and maintain more than 1,000 MW of renewable energy in Europe

Swede Energy and Monsson Group has formed a JV to supply the market with Operation & Maintenance services for renewable energy power plants. Monsson currently is responsible for operating and maintaining approximately 1,000 MW of wind and solar power and since 2014 Swede Energy and Monsson offers its services in the Nordics and the rest of EMEA together with the same high quality and cost efficiency.

We offer owners of renewable energy plants an alternative to the manufacturers and our professional team assists in increasing production as well as lowering costs for operation & maintenance.

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Experienced and cost competitive maintenance technicians

In many cases our service technicians has a marin history which guarantees a high problem solving capacity and experience from harsh environments.

Outsource your full Operation & Maintenance to us


We offer a complete O&M responsibility that challenges the traditional standards. Our full O&M contracts guarantees availability without any contractual loop holes in the fine print.

As independent service provider (ISP) our goal is in line with the power plant owner which allows us to be 100% transparent in questions related to maintenance requirements and condition of the power plant. Our recommendations are always based on what is the best for production and the long term asset value.

Apart from guaranteed availability we are able to include a production based component related to increase compared to historical production.

Large scale 24/7 remote operation

From our remote operation center in Romania we monitor operation and maintenance activities, both in case we perform the maintenance or if the maintenance is performed by the plant supplier.

How to outsource operation & maintenance to Swede Energy?

In case there is an interest in a long term Operation & Maintenance contract we will start to perform a status report of your power plant through different inspections and analysis of historical faults and spare part usage. In case the previous supplier of O&M has not shared this information we will make an estimate based on best knowledge.

Based on your need for risk exposure, production, price etc we will produce a tailor made proposal that describes the assignment and all commercial terms. Once we have found a common view on the proposed setup we will prepare a contract and we agree a suitable date for hand over. Depending on the volume and contract terms we are able to take over responsibility of your power plant in as short as 2-4 weeks.

Consumables and Spare Parts

A critical success factor for safe and reliable production in a power plant is cost efficient sourcing of consumables and spare parts. We continually invest in increasing our spare part lists and successfully work with alternative suppliers who in many cases supplies improved parts in order to avoid serial faults and at the same time achieving a lower price on parts.

Swede Energy through Monsson Logistics provides consumables and spare parts for the majority of the renewable energy power plants, especially wind and solar power.