Vestas V47 turbines | Nordanstig Vindkraft AB

Swede Energy and Monsson Group are proud to announce that in the beginning of March, we initiated the operation and maintenance of four Vestas V47 turbines in the municipality of Nordanstig, through a contract with Nordanstig Vindkraft AB. The contract is our first long term operation and maintenance contract for wind turbines in the Nordics and it marks a milestone for the establishment of Monsson as an independent service provider in Sweden. In south-east Europe, Monsson is responsible for operation and maintenance of approximately 1,000 MW wind power plants and since the beginning of 2014, we now offer the same great quality and cost effectiveness to Swedish wind farm owners and projects.

For some time, Nordanstig Vindkraft AB has been looking for an alternative service partner that could lower the operation and maintenance cost as we have record breaking low electricity prices in Sweden. Swede Energy and Monsson monitors the turbines 24/7 from a operation center in Romania and will perform the first service interval this upcoming summer.

About Swede Energy and Monsson Group

Monsson Group and Swede Energy have for some time worked closely and complemented each other’s capabilities. Together, we have leveraged Swede Energy’s market position in Sweden as well as Monsson Group’s broad range of capabilities as a leading service provider in the European power industry. During 2014, the relationship was developed further and on January 1, 2015 we merged the operation of Monsson Nordic AB and Swede Energy Power Solutions AB, with a joint leadership team.

For our customers, this presents a vendor of complete energy solutions in the Nordic market, with advantages from Swede Energy’s innovative technical and commercial project managers and consultants, together with Monsson Group’s service teams and broad network of technology providers. Monsson and Swede Energy deliver trustworthy consultancy, installation of power and energy producing plants, as well as high quality service and maintenance at very competitive prices.