Feasibility Studies – Jathropa Bio Oil Example

We understand. By working together and jointly establishing an overall picture of the present situation we can develop and implement an action plan to become ”World Class” in the energy sector.

Swede Energy performs feasibility studies for the development or repowering of energy projects such as hydro power plants, wind and solar farms, thermal power, gas turbines, bio-energy etc.

Feasibility Studies

For example Swede Energy has done a turn-key solution to create a chain from growing Jatropha crop, convert it to renewable heavy bio fuel to be used in a triple fuel gas turbine, creating renewable energy.

  • New sector within the country which will give thousands of new jobs in the agriculture sector by cultivating the crop.
  • 10,000 hectares Jathropa neede to provide a 18MW gas turbine for 1 year operation, producing nearly 150,000 Gwh renewable electricity per year by domestic renewable fuel.


Rickard Lantz

Rickard Lantz


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