Master Plan

  • On a national level, mapping were the producer is/should be located and were the consumers are located/will be located in the future and how the grid is/should be designed to prevent constraints.
  • Define clear business goal for the energy sector, enabling bench marking of energy production.
  • Creating a strategic plan to be able to develop the domestic energy production with economized optimized investments. The energy sector is not only about generation and transfer of electrical power – it’s also about education, growth and employment. Having a long term solution to energy supply is a requirement for an area to develop.
  • Our consultants will first summarize the status of your energy sector and present an action plan how to move forward towards ”World Class”.
  • Assessing the need for an updated master plan for the energy sector on a national level to optimize investments.
  • The Master Plan points out which areas to focus on, an estimation of cost to upgrade and renew the energy sector in the coming 10 years while focusing on the specific needs and demands for your region.
  • We’re looking forward to serve you and your country.

Swede Energy and the Minister of Energy and Mines from Burundi signs an agreement to evaluate a Master Plan for the development of Burundi Energy Sector reaching the target of 10x increase in annual production until 2025.


Rickard Lantz

Rickard Lantz


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