Planned Maintenance 100MW Wind Power

Skellefteå Energiunderhåll HB (subsidiary to Skellefteå Kraft) hired Monsson Nordic to perform planned maintenance summer 2014 on 100MW wind power turbines in cold climate.

Monsson Nordic utför planerat underhåll 100MW Vindkraft åt Skellefteå Energiunderhåll


Skellefteå Energiunderhåll decided the spring of 2014 to outsource scheduled maintenance, on 3 wind farms of about 100 MW, to Monsson Nordic. One of these parks consist of 10 WinWind wind turbines. WinWind is a company that went bankrupt and there is a lack of technical expertise in this brand on the market. Monsson offered qualified problem solving technicians that has extensive experience in maintenance of “exotic” turbine brands.


Swede Energy’s partner company Monsson Nordic, scheduled the maintenance and identified critical measures such as special tools, spare parts and site-specific circumstances. A service team with long experience and GWO certifications sent from Monsson offices in Romania performed the maintenance in close cooperation with the customer.


The customer was highly satisfied with the work of the first 10 wind turbines and made an additional purchase order for planned maintenance of an additional 18 turbines.

Outcome / Customer Satisfaction

The customer was satisfied with the work and made directly an additional order for additional service and later on signed a framework agreement for the delivery of maintenance services.


Skelleftea Energy Underhåll HB (subsidiary of Skellefteå Kraft).

Case Responsible

Robert Bergqvist

Christoffer Caesar, Swede Energy

Other References

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