Wave Power

Swede Energy is working with leading pioneers in different forms of wave power such as tidal power, current power etc. We offer our expertise in development, design, engineering and procurement of wave power projects around the globe.

Swede Energy has assisted a local developer in Ghana develop a wave power project outside the coast of Ghana with a target to install 1000MW and build the largest wave power project in the world.

Swede Energy acted owners engineer for the customer negotiating a PPA agreement with the government of Ghana for the production of 1000MW electricity from Wave Power. End of 2014 an agreement was signed with the Swedish technology supplier Seabased for the supply of the first pilot phase of approximately 1MW.

The first 1MW pilot equipment was installed in Ghana spring 2015 and commissioning is planned summer 2015.

The 1000MW project will be built in phases and when ready 19 million people in Ghana will have parts of their electricity from green energy produced from Swedish equipment.


Our Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Development Services such as technical design, permitting, production assessments, grid studies etc
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Due Dilligence
  • Maintanence & Operations


David Nordlander

Rickard Lantz