Emon Electric decided to change the shareholding structure by replacing Monsson Group with two new strategic partners Cynergy ltd (Hong Kong) and Swede Energy Power Solutions AB (Sweden).

Diana and Mircea Solomon, founders of Emon Electric, both remain as shareholders in the company and as executive management.

The decision was taken amid consolidation strategy and company development both domestically and internationally.

The new Emon Electric shareholders, Cynergy and Swede Energy Power Solutions AB are strategic partners having business activities in the Power Generation sector with operations in Europe, Africa and Middle East for over 10 years. Their decision to join as shareholders are bound by a common vision of development and expanding the vast potential in the international markets.

Future plans are related to both strengthen the local market and increase export in the core field such as transmission and distribution, substations, power traction as well as new technologies such as : HV DC, Power quality systems, Energy Storage, Fast charging stations for EV, DG and Micro – grid power systems.
Emon Electric, founded 1998, is a Center of Excellence in Romania for EPC Projects and Solutions related to transmission and distribution (T&D) of electric energy and Power Traction Systems.

Emon Electric has until date, completed and energised electrical projects totalling over 1,500 MW both in the thermal and renewable energy. Emon has a vast export experience since 2004, when Emon completed and energised the new Tram for in Athens for the Olympic Games. Export activity has been focused on Europe (especially Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic) and Middle East. From 2016 Export will be increased with a strategy together with local partners to penetrate the East African market with services within primarily T&D.